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Award winning Norwegian designer Hans Battrud designed this iconic stackable ‘Scandia’ chair in the late 50’s. Manufactured by Hove Mobler in Norway, its revolutionary design still impresses over 60 years later. Made from bent ply veneered with Rosewood and with a chrome frame, it arrived looking every bit the pensioner that it is!

The veneer was loose on the surface of the ply and some of this was missing. The finish was tired and dull.

In the workshop
Each chair had to be dismantled (see the bottom two pictures of them after they were dismantled and cleaned up) Each slat was individually repaired using new Rosewood veneer. Before reassembling them, each slat was also french polished.

​The chrome was cleaned and buffed and once reassembled the chairs were waxed to finish the look and helping to bring out the gorgeous Rosewood patterning. A very lovely chair.