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This Victorian Long Stool with turned legs and cushion/ bolster ends has an elegant line, simple and stylish…. but when it came into the workshop it was in a pretty sorry state.

​There were several large chunks gouged out of the edge moulding (picture 2 shows this well) and a corner was completely missing. All the joints were broken and a square face to the top of one of the legs was nowhere to be seen (bottom photo).

Photos 2-4 show the same end of the table, but at different stages of repair. You also get a good idea from pictures 2, 3 and 5 just how dull, worn and uneven the finish was, as well as its general poor condition.

In the workshop
The moulding and the corner were repaired, the missing face on the leg was replaced and all the joints were re-dowelled and glued. The bolster/ cushion ends were re-attached and to finish off it was completely cleaned down and re-polished by hand, with all new repairs sensitively matched in.